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The streets of the cities

Because of the heat, fatigue, or the fact that I had the feeling that I was lost, I often found myself standing on the sideways of the big cities streets, feeling the urban environment. It doesn't matter the place, it could be a simple traffic light, a vegetable market, an urban center or a residential area, the exact places does not matter.

The streets of Valparaiso, in the summer invites us to reflections. We become philosophers or art critics trying to decipher the messages hidden in the colorful drawings of each house, street. The vivid colors contrast, to a great extent the poverty of the inhabitants, the effort to climb and descend the slopes of the city. The large-scale industrial port who has movements at every hour of the day does not reflect its activity in the local economy. But the local people seems to enjoy the city, the taxi drivers does not rush, they listen loud latin music and enjoy a once in a while cigar.

If you visit Valparaiso you begin to understand Pablo Neruda s poetry. Even better is to read it while you take your coffee in the morning or even in the afternoons, close to the sea or up on one of the city hills.


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