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The last gentle giant of his species

Geography is the science that, unlike other sciences, where to understand and see things right, you have to bend over and look through a key whole that gets smaller and smaller, it implies looking upwards to see everything as a sequence of things, facts and situations.

I'm not against progress, but by the rhythm at which the changes occur today it seems to me that I have to speed up in order to see and experience the beautiful things of human society and of our planet, as I still have the chance.

Today died the last male African white rhino.

An impressive animal but gentle at the same time. From this day on he and his species may not exist anymore.

Photo by National Geographic

„With my thoughts and my eyes staring at the horizon, of the Poem that delay his end, I would like to be as one with the mast, who tears in have the infinite.” Ion Minulescu

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