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The cat from Fountaine Sous Jouy

A few years ago I spent several days in Normandy, France.

I stayed at a local family in the beautiful village Founatine Sous Jouy, without knowing too many details about the valley of the Eure River, a branch of the Seine River. Being discovered from the arrival, the settlement and the valley impresses with the evergreen view. The houses and their gardens architecture are worthy of postcards, perfectly fitted with the tranquility and the French feeling that has always been with me in my walks through this region.

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The family I lived in, formed of a French native and a lady of Japanese origins, owned a property with a huge green lawn and some old willows in front of the house. Behind the courtyard was outlined an uphill which at its top ended with a forest that defined the skyline. In a variety of shapes and colors, the garden and the house were decorated by the blooms of roses that gave the mornings and evenings a joy to live and to be alive at that moment, there.

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Inside this property also lived a cat. I say thisbecause in one of the pleasant discussions with the people who owned the place, I have been told that the cat was not theirs’s. Further recounted that they were just providing it food and water, and that it decided by itself whether staying or leaving. They said it didn’t belong to them and didn’t believe to have this right upon it.


The cat was its own master!


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