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The beef stakes in Buenos Aires

A good reason for traveling is the desire to try new ways to cook and new dishes. Each continent reserves specific items for which it is worthwhile to travel. As for Argentina and Buenos Aires, we all think about the stake and t-bone.

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Depending on our preference, we choose to serve it in blood, medium made or well done. To be more specific we can order vuelta - vuelta, for those who prefer the flesh in blood; jugoso, for those who prefer blood meat; a punto, a little pink in the middle and without liquid; pasado de punto, medium to well prepared; cocido, well made and the last way to prepare bien cocido beef, which in some restaurants means even slightly burned superficially.

We can also find restaurants with different types of beef that are grown in Argentina in the central Las Palmas region. But why do we find the best beef here ?! Because cattle do not seem to be required to eat corn here, they are mostly nourished with the high herbs specific to the natural vegetation of this region. Also, Estancias’ extensive surfaces (farms) allow the animals to move without being disturbed by any anthropic activity.

Meat is good and the cooks know their job, but what do we do in the ever more encouraging context of vegetarian movement development?! I personally did not completely give up of eating red meat, but I eat less and less. So if I eat red meat I prefer to be of good quality one and cook well. In terms of beef even the domestic pink it is a problem, for me, which means I prefer the well-done meat. In the last visit, in Buenos Aires, I noticed that beef is being prepared in large pieces of meat, making it impossible to be well done in the central area. If they were kept too long, on the fire, then they would burn out. The solution tested by me ?! The meat flesh on the stone, steamed, cut it at a 45 degree angle, in thin slices, which I turned on the still hot stone.

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The result was delicious !!!

With a butter and vegetables with balsamic vinegar ... And a red Malbec wine…


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