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Should we enjoy just the holidays or just the weekends?!

Most of us wait for the holiday, the weekend, the various free days over the year so we can enjoy them. For these days we make intense arrangements: we buy clothes, we prepare food and once the celebrations started, we begin to consume them… whether it's about tourist packages, food, fuel, sweets, glasses of wine!

Social pressure has turned us into captive beings even in those days when we "rejoice".

But what if we can be happy every day?! If we walk every day, and taste a little from all the things we like?! Or we constantly see our family, friends?! It would be like we're always on vacation.

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We often see titles like: how would it be if you were on a continuous vacation?! Well, let's be! Being on vacation does not necessarily mean you are away or have free time. As I write, it starts to look like a corporate doctrine, but even if it is, maybe it’s something good in it.

If at work we interact with a lot of people with different needs, we have to treat them as our holiday colleagues, who have lost their luggage or do not find who knows what tourist destination.

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With this kind of behavior, I think we would be able to free our minds and we could really be prepared to live our holidays away from home.


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