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Ships that do not leave the port

How many boats you have in you

who dreams of Aleutine?!

We keep them on a bed of planks, fearing that if we let them go, they will not come back.

#Ushuaia #Argentina #Freedom #Travel

In Ushuaia you have the feeling that you are far from everything you know. For a comparable sensation you can try maybe Antarctica or even the Moon?!

If you want to run away from something, somebody, the past ... probably this is where you want to be. Although is built on the site of a former colony of detainees, you have an unusual sense of freedom.

There is no sense of loneliness, visiting this place I met and exchanged ideas with people from all continents. The thing that makes you feel good is that you got here and you are now a part of a small group of people who have seen the "Fin del Mundo”.


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