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Sardegna - an inspiration island

I visited this island in late spring. But it's like the right time to discover her. In August can be very crowded, we can appreciated the atmosphere of the summer evenings vibration, but May or even June offers a better opportunity to enjoy its fabulous beaches.

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Porto nel cuore la mia libertà

A ogni costo la difenderò

Da tutto dal niente

Dal sempre dal mai

Io la vita la prendo così” Eros Ramazzotti

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The freedom expressed by the Mediterranean breeze makes you feel restless. You can not go to Serdegna and go every day to the same beach. You have to explore each day and night, in order to understand this island.

The sand, the color of the sea makes you want to be a sailor or a fisherman. Get on a boat and admire the shoreline, go fishing, swim in the open sea, or rent a car and do not stop!

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