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Running bulls in Pamplona

Originating in the 14th century, the tradition of running in front of the bulls is dedicated to the holy protector of the region - San Fermin. The origins of this event are found in the need of bull traders to drive flocks on the narrow streets of the city into the market. With the passage of time young people began to run in front of the bulls to guide them as quickly as possible. To attract bulls the young men wore red scarves.

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This tradition has become, over the centuries, a proof of male courage. Approximately 2,000 people participate in this race each year, and the region enjoys a contribution of approximately 1,500,000 tourists annually. Besides the race itself, the festival lasts for a week. Throughout the festival, the city is celebrating, the streets are filled with people who drink sangria, listen to music and dance.

Let's test our feet in front of the bulls!

This event it's one of those things that an old man will remember with joy over the years.


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