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Listen, breathe and look

Walking in cities like Buenos Aires, Venice or Sydney is the same thing ?!

Trekking in the Andes, the Alps or the Australian Alps makes us feel the same sensation?!

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Geographically it is not the same thing. If you like geography, you can not always go to the same place.

„But the travelers themselves are the ones that in their hearts it is a beat an eternal longing, those madmen, who follow their fatality and say "on the road!", without knowing why.” - Maxime Du Camp

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At the level of sensation a wind breeze is everywhere the same? The skin sensation may be the same, but the context and our mind make us feel different.

#patagonia #chile #mountains

Street noise? The feeling of hunger and the discussions that take place before the food reaches the table?! Is the same?!

Personally, I can say I have different experiences and I feel different every trip. I travel to feel, to train my senses to recognize, to know. Every new sensation, journey, awakens in me other old experiences that enhance the beauty of each new geographic exploration.

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To feel, in many situations, it is only necessary not to talk, just to listen, to breathe and to look!

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listen, breathe and look


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