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I saw the Kodachrome movie

The day when the films will be developed no more and the pictures will represent only pixels stored as 0 and 1 codes.

By definition, the picture has to capture the memory of the moment.

That moment when the light is perfect, the wind blows fair enough through the branches of the trees and through the grass, but not too hard, and the smile on the face of the main character from the photo expresses the natural joy in front of a camera.

#santiago #sun #wind #light

This memory is instantly recorded on the photographic film, imprinted, and the mark of the moment remains physically on the film.

Now the machines do everything for us: the cars almost move without being driven, the food is rarely prepared by us and an application tells us when to eat, without having to understand our own body and the signs it sends us. Moreover, our actions are scheduled by mobile applications and everything can be programmed using already written codes.

So, is it going to happen the same with traveling?!

Will we be educated to accept virtual reality without ever wanting to feel the Sun and wind on the Acropolis or the tram noise on the streets of Lisbon? Or we will do it just because environmental degradation will be so high that it will be nothing left to visit?

#tram #citynoise #city #lisbon #alive


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