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I have forgotten the deep mystery of the night

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Enjoyng life day to day -

Many times I happen to walk, work, drive without being careful at what is being said around me. In the last expedition that I have been, I noticed, that people are talking a lot about their past. It is very strange, because by the traveling I understand to live in the present, to discover the new, the diverse. Planning a trip itself leads you into the future, indicating the overcoming of the past. Even if the planning of a trip is a motivation from the past, it should not take over the now moment. If our head is ridiculous full of thing that make noises, we will not understand anything about ourselves, about what happens to us, and we will not have the opportunity to live the places in which we are traveling.

If someone talks to us, not only do we have to pay attention to what they are saying, but the information needs to be processed and to formulate answers. If so, if the main reason is to communicate then perhaps a communication camp is better than traveling to a beautiful destination. If, however, we travel to see, to feel, perhaps, we should channel our senses to the show that is the present world.

„If I think well, the essential repel I have to do with the today times is that it prevents me from enjoying the beauty of life. From time to time, I realize that I live in a world without heaven, no trees and gardens, no bucolic ecstasy, no waters, meadows and clouds. I have forgotten the deep mystery of the night, the radiance of the midday, the cosmic twilight of the dusk.” - Andrei Plesu

In the above image, the Perito Moreno glacier dominates the Andean landscape. It has been done that for hundreds of years, dictating the shape of how the mountains look today, the color of the downstream lake (Argentino Lake), the development of vegetation, the formation of clouds and the lives of people living nearby.

The day when I had the opportunity to admire him, the Patagonian wind tests the roots of the vegetation, the flight of condors and the ability of captains vessels sailing on Argentino Lake. The air was cold, wet with a strong sense of ice. Though it was quite cold, with the sky covered by clouds, the moments in which the sun managed to reach us gave us enough confidence to keep going and to admire the grandeur of the landscape.


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