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How I crossed the Drake Passage

For the first time I heard about the Drake and Magellan straits in school at Geography classes. I have always imagined these places as being dominated by heavy life conditions. Navigating them had to be accessible only for a few courageous sailors with an absolute desire to resist the elements. 

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Probably this was one of the reasons that determined me to go on with this expedition to Antarctica.

Once at the board of the ship with which I had to cross the Drake Strait, I felt like I was where I should be. The smell of fish, salt, ocean and strong winds had been following us since we left the Beagle Channel. The movement of the vessel, while hitting the waves created by the western winds, is extraordinary. It is a struggle of elements, not many of my colleagues resisted at such movements. If you give up, it’s worst. You will lose balance of the mind and body and you will not know anymore were you are. I could not afford that. If I would lost contact with reality I would have lost a unique adventure. My mind was occupied by the thoughts related to ”The old man and the sea”, he did not succumb!!! 

It was not easy, I felt the temptation to give up, every time when the ship simply fell from the crest of a huge wave just to enter a huge mass of water from the successive wave, on which had no time to climb it. So I cought a pipe, which turned out to be the ventilation duct. I wasn t able to use my right arm all night, because of the cold air that blew my head all the way. 

Once we had arrived in the bay and the waves ceased, I felt an absolute sadness!

It al had been dissipated at the first sight of the beauty of the bay that we had reached. 

I smiled.

I were where I should have been.


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