• Ily

Drawing we retain shapes, colors and scents

In everyday life my basic job is to generate and interpret maps. This is the day to day activity of a geographer... but beyond having any talent, I like to make sketches. I think that in order to outline the shapes of the old buildings, loaded with history, there is no need to be an expert. These are shapes that have suffered the vicissitudes of time. The lines are not perfect anymore, and just like human wrinkles, they return to an event from the history and existence of that facade.

Who knows what wonders had witnessed those buildings over time? Wars, love, revolutions or simple, but important daily events: a rushed man arrived too late and lost the tram; someone else's umbrella had been taken by the wind; the traffic of the carriages, transformed later in automobiles and now at the appearance of the electric cars without driver ...

The yellow, like the pages of old books, seems to me best choice to paint this city giants as if they were in a permanent afternoon. Blue complements the colors needed by the tint of the sky that has always been above them when people, tired, went to bed or when the city came to life the next day.

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