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Barcelona, Olee!

Updated: May 31, 2018

If you want to understand Barcelona you have to let go of your inhibitions and coziness.

If at home you were used with having a fixed program to go to sleep, eat at a certain time or accustomed to wake up at a set hour and you want to keep your schedule, you will not get to know or feel the real Barcelona.

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The city vibrates at extreme frequencies! For getting around, you can use any means of transport, but the most convenient is the subway. After metro the best is walking. This way you can discover the city and its inhabitants.

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Barceloneta Beach, though not the cleanest, is the most famous. It's here that every morning gathers the last evening's party crowd if somehow haven’t left and slept on the beach. It is an experience in itself this beach. There are many young people, from all over the world. Everyone is taking selfies, chatting, listening to music with earphones on or at loud speakers.

This beach is equipped with various fitness facilities that bring together both professionals and those who think they are still young and can do anything. The atmosphere is relaxed. At terraces from the fringe of the beach you can find various foods and plenty of cerveza.

On the beach the flow of people is continuous ... Some of them stay late in the night hoping to see the sunrise, while others have just gone out for dinner and a walk in the evening...

The urban center's effervescence is extraordinary. The Gothic architecture of buildings perfectly matches the mass of people who eat, drink, discuss, feel good! Personally, I really enjoyed tapas served in El Diablo, gardens in the Montjuic area, the atmosphere in Placa Real and bars with swimming pools on the roof of the tallest buildings.


Barcelona is about sensations, about life ...


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