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Amore italiano!!!

Love it sounds better in Italian.

The historical centers, the streets of the big / small Italian cities have an architecture and atmosphere that seems to suggest a hug, a smile ... or a kiss.

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I discovered Italy in the summer of 99. I was arriving by train after a long journey started in Gare du Lyon. Stazione Centrale was the gateway to a world without which I can no longer exist.

From the platform, looking for the bus that would take me to a small town near Milan, I felt for the first time the smell of Italian coffee, prepared and served standing up, in bars.

From that moment coffee could only be espresso doppio for me.

The locals drink their coffee in a hurry, holding under the arm the newspaper Corriere della Sera. Later I got used to buying this newspaper for the journalistic style, but also because the smell of the pages of this newspaper combines so well with the smell of coffee.

I had eaten pasta, at least I thought I had eaten, but then I discovered that Italians eat pasta with salad. Possibly with rucola seasoned with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil. The difference in smell, taste between normal and extra virgin olive oil used for salads made me shiver and begin to appreciate food. And let's not forget about parmesan.

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In the lyrics sung by Bocelli ... Champagne this is Italy

Se vuoi  ti accompagno se vuoi  la scusa più banale  per rimanere soli io e te  e poi gettare via i perché  amarti come sei  la prima volta  l'ultima... 
Champagne  per un dolce segreto  per noi  un amore proibito  ormai.
Cameriere, champagne...

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