About Me

I like the people who look through the window. 

I like people who, when they walk, listen to their own thoughts, footsteps, or urban noise. Being able to listen and understand seems fantastic to me. A sign that our brain still works and we are alive. 


I like to write by hand. At the same time, I'm crazy about technology. That's why I enjoyed myself so much when I was able to write, draw with a pencil on a tablet. I am convinced that handwriting on paper will become an art / if it has not already become. 


I like to take pictures, but I do not think about the lens's features or opening of the diaphragm. I am not the advocate of other types of souvenirs. The photos and their stories are enough. To take pictures requires a minimum of finite resources and once brought home they will not get dusty and they will not be thrown away when we will not be anymore.